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Are you looking for a personal injury office because you have suffered personal injury? Are you looking for professional assistance to claim compensation? Or do you wish to review the work of your current advocate? Or do you want your case to be mediated by a professional and reliable personal injury attorney, personal injury lawyer or personal injury adjustor? Do you want more information about this website, or do you have specific questions? Please contact me for an introduction, free of obligations.

Even if you just have a question, want to give feedback on this website or have suggestions for the continued construction and expansion of it, I like to invite you to respond. I will then contact you as soon as possible.

When bringing in an advocate through Marco Blom, financial agreements have to be made with the advocate. In case there are problems with the recognition of liability, costs can be charged by the advocate through his medical advisor (usually the undersigned). Once the liability is recognized by the liable party there are probably no costs for the client and will the earlier charged costs be recovered from the liable party.

Indicate clearly whether you have shown your case to other advocates already. It is important for the right treatment of your case not to conceal earlier interfering of other advocates. You explicitly have the option of a knowledgeable second opinion.

My contact details

Marco Blom
Medical doctor/medical adviser
Specialist in personal injury
Postbus 19227
3501 DE Utrecht
The Netherlands

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Marco Blom
Arts/medisch adviseur
Specialist in letselschade
Postbus 19227
3501 DE Utrecht

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