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Profile Marco Blom: Medical advisor for victims of personal injury

From my own personal injury office, I focus my work on injury cases from the perspective of the victim and help the victim finding an expert and reliable advocate.

I have gradually grown from the role of advisor and counselor for victims of personal injury.

After studying medicine in Leiden, I first went into service. I fulfilled military service as part physician / doctor and got my first work experience. I liked that so much that I decided to follow an education in general practice and after than I have worked as GP for a number of years.

My career continued as an insurance doctor where I did personal injury appraisals of former soldiers.

Later my work shifted very specifically to the work of the medical advisor. I work in the medical injury process for lawyers, attorneys and personal injury adjustors and I also answer medical questions on the internet for a large publisher.

As a medical advisor, I also occupied myself with the implementation of various laws of war, first with the implementation of the Extraordinary Pension Act (WBP) for the people of the resistance, sailors and hostages during the Second World War, and later with the implementation of the Benefit Act for Civilian War Victims (WUBO).

Professional and involved

From working as a GP, through working as an insurance physician and medical adviser, have I grown step by step through my career into the role of independent medical advisor for personal injury victims.

I help victims to claim personal injury resulting among others from traffic and industrial accidents and make sure that you are assisted in an independent, expert and reliable way by an advocate. This way you stand stronger against the claims representative of the insurer of the other party.

To make a fist as a victim against big insurance companies takes courage, a sense of business and perseverance. I believe that victims are entitled to good assistance by a personal injury attorney, personal injury lawyer or personal injury adjustor and by a medical advisor and would be happy to commit myself to that.

Unfortunately, that assistance sometimes falls short and then you will benefit from a second opinion. I can arrange this for you too.

You can present your case to me free of charge. Please contact me. I gladly help you further.

Marco Blom
Medical doctor/medical adviser
Specialist in personal injury
Postbus 19227
3501 DE Utrecht

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Marco Blom
Arts/medisch adviseur
Specialist in letselschade
Postbus 19227
3501 DE Utrecht

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