Types of personal injury

For what types of personal injury can you call in Marco Blom? In each of the following situations, I can guide you and refer you to an expert injury adjustor or advocate.


PTSS or post traumatic stress syndrome may develop after a shocking event. You experience a traumatic event and cannot handle the trauma. Post traumatic stress develops and this subsequently manifests itself in various physical and mental problems, as a result of which you cannot function properly in society.


Posttraumatic dystrophy (PD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), is a very painful illness. CRPS generally arises after a fracture or a surgery, or if injury occurs to arms, legs and other joints, as shoulders, for example by a (traffic) accident.

Foreign Claims

Are you victim of a traffic accident abroad or do you have other foreign claims, then I would recommend you to seek assistance by a professional. I can refer you to an expert specialist who fits with your case. The impacts of an accident can be serious, also financially, so it is important to handle that in a professional way. A personal injury case is a complex and emotionally stressful process where you need to call in the best help.

Brain injury

There is recoverable damage if the brain injury was caused by the actions of another. It must be non-congenital brain damage. In addition, you should think of brain damage caused by an accident or illness. You can suffer brain injury from a serious traffic accident or for example an accident at work. Brain injury can also occur if someone gets a severe blow to his/her head.


The fact that whiplash can be difficult to prove objectively, means that recovering the material and immaterial damage is complicated. The insurer of the party will try to demonstrate that the symptoms are not or only partly due to such an accident, which causes the damage amount to be lowered. As independent specialist in personal injury I can refer the victim of whiplash to a good advocate.

Industrial accidents

You could be confronted with a personal injury specialist easily. Every day accidents happen at work and people are injured. It may be in the workshop, at the office or in the factory hall. Everywhere where work is done, something goes wrong every now and then and could you be faced with physical or mental injury through labor.

Occupational diseases

Occupational diseases develop if you have become sick by your working conditions. The exact income and retirement damage of occupational disease depends on many factors and must be calculated by a personal injury adjustor. For example, it will become complex when complaints reveal only over time and then not increase further. In a case, it is important to show the relation between work and the complaints.


It is not always obvious that the insurer pays the amount you count on in the case of disability. Often conflict situations arise between the insurer and the insured. The insurer denies for example, that you are 100% disabled, or claims that you are less disabled than you think. Such a conflict situation is very annoying.

Military injury

Soldiers who experience terrible things in war situations can be traumatized and at their return to the Netherlands experience permanent problems when picking up their lives at home and in society. I personally have 20 years experience in assessing applications from former military personnel for a Military Disability Pension because of my job at APG, Special Arrangements Defense, Social Medical Research Center at Utrecht until July 1, 2011.

Do you want further information?

Perhaps you are in any of the above situations and/or you already have let a personal injury lawyer look at your case. But if you are not satisfied with the commitment of your advocate, think your compensation is too low, or doubt the independency of your advocate. Present your case and I will contact you soon to discuss what I can do for you.

Elsewhere on this website I give more background information on myself and my working method.

For further information, please contact me.

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